For the Holy Guiguzi [0]

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2022 Translated by Vj Shao Khan

Set during the Warring States Period, the story follows an extraordinary genius whose identity is shrouded in mystery. Like a master in chess, Wang Chan moves the pieces at play in tumultuous times to quell dissidence and help his nation grow in strength as he eventually becomes the revered Gui Gu Zi. In 390 BC, the Crown Prince of Wei was able to crush a coup with the help of Wang Cuo. As a result, Wei Huan is exiled and Wu Qi flees to Chu. Just as Wang Cuo celebrates his victory, Wu Qi returns to take revenge and covet Sun Tzu's The Art of War for himself. He surrounds the manor with five hundred of his men and kills everyone in sight. Madame Wang manages to give birth to her son Wang Chan who eventually grows up to become a skilled political strategist.

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    8 star

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    Must Watch .